Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top of the Rock

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  • 360 degree view of Manhattan

More Info
  • $25/adult admission fee
  • Restrooms and café inside the Rockefeller Center
  • No food allowed inside
  • There is a security check before taking the elevator to the top of the rock

Although we made advance online reservations, I am not sure how much that helped. The reason is, with your online reservation confirmation print-out, you would still need to exchange them for tickets at the Rockefeller Center and there was a long line for the same. Of course there were two separate lines, one for with reservation and another for without reservation, but waiting in line to exchange them for tickets defies the whole purpose of making advance reservations. Weird!
Top of the Rock

We arrived at 8.30ish in the evening and after waiting in the line we got the tickets for 9.45pm to 10.00pm entrance. We simply ambled inside the Rockefeller Center for an hour or so until 9.45pm. The Rockefeller Center interior décor looked awesome with a flashy, long chandelier hanging in the middle of the hall from the fourth floor. When we reached the fourth floor, we went through a security check before taking the elevator to the top.

Inside the Rockefeller Center

The glass top elevator that took us to the mezzanine floor was very innovatively designed with projectors and flamboyant lights. The view from the Top of the Rock was simply mind blowing! It offers a 360 degree breathtaking view of Manhattan.

Although the Empire State Building has an observatory deck that offers a similar view, the tickets to the Top of the Rock are cheaper than the Empire State Building and one can see the Empire State Building itself from here. The only downside is that a part of the Chrysler building is hidden, but we were so immersed in the beauty of the entire Manhattan that we were hardly concerned about the partial visibility of the Chrysler Building.

View of Manhattan from Top of the Rock

There are two other floors that take you further to the top. We spent more than 45minutes here taking pictures and enjoying the well-lit, jazzy downtown.

  • Make advance online reservations here and bring your ticket confirmation print-out
  • Plan to reserve at least 2.5 hours

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