Monday, July 2, 2012

Grand Central Terminal

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  • Grand Central Terminal (Train terminal in Midtown Manhattan)
  • Largest train station in the world, by the number of platforms 

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  • Free admission
  • Restaurants, cafes and restrooms inside the Grand Central
  • $7/adult audio tour 

Attracting over 21 million visitors every year, the Grand Central is the world’s sixth most visited tourist attraction according to a Travel Magazine. 10 years of laborious work and 80 million dollars were put into constructing the Grand Central and opening it in 1913.

When I entered the Grand Central for the first time, the architectural luster of this place made it so hard for me to believe that it is actually a railway station. The Terminal is huge with European style architectural structures and beautiful paintings on the wall and ceiling. Our jaws dropped looking at the minutiae of the d├ęcor.

Inside the Grand Central

Some of the highlights of the Grand Central are:
  • The four-sided Central Clock with a brass pagoda at the Information Booth in the middle of the Main Concourse
  • The astronomical mural in the lofty ceiling, painted by a French painter
  • Opulent chandeliers in the Main Concourse and Vanderbilt Hall
  • Exquisite art work on the walls
  • Statue of Mercury (the god of commerce) supported by Minerva (goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, arts) and Hercules (representing mental and moral strength) outside the Grand Central

Statue of Mercury, Minerva and Hercules outside Grand Central

There are several cafes, restaurants and retail shops inside and outside the Grand Central. We even noticed an Apple customer service center inside the Grand Central. The shiny Macs, iPads and other Apple devices seemed to be a striking contrast against the architecturally plush Grand Central and I did not really like that. It disgraces the beauty of the Grand Central.

Beautiful chandelier inside Grand Central

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