Monday, July 2, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge

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  • Brooklyn Bridge (One of the oldest suspension bridges in the US and one of the longest in the world)
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • View of Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Governor’s Island
  • View of Manhattan Bridge
  • View of Downtown Manhattan 

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  • Free admission
  • Biking and Pedestrian paths along the bridge
One of the Brooklyn Bridge Towers

An unrelenting persistence went into constructing this iconic bridge and opening it in May 1883. A German immigrant who first started with designing the bridge died soon after surviving a fatal crush injury and developing an infection. His son, who took over the construction of this bridge suffered from decompression sickness and was paralyzed, along with other construction workers. His wife jumped in to work with the engineers, did her higher education to learn about bridge construction and managed the project for 11 years. A very inspiring story of the brains behind this glorious bridge.
Brooklyn Bridge

Similar to the Golden Gate Bridge, there is a walkway for pedestrians and bicyclists along the bridge. We walked up to one tower of the bridge to see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Governor’s Island to one side of the bridge. To the other side is the Manhattan Bridge. As we walked on the bridge, the sight of the Manhattan skyline on the opposite side threw us in amazement.

View of Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge Park

After spending some time in the bridge and clicking pictures, we returned via the same route and walked to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, just below the Brooklyn Bridge. The Park, which is along the East River has several benches facing the waters and walkways along the river. There are also several restaurants and ice-cream parlors by the Pier. It is certainly a wonderful place to take it easy while enjoying the beauty of New York.

By the way, if it one of those days you are craving for pizzas, definitely check out Grimaldi’s, just a block away from the Brooklyn Bridge Park. One cannot miss the pizza place because you will always see long lines waiting outside no matter what time of the day you are there.

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