Monday, July 2, 2012

In and around Times Square

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  • Apple Store
  • FAO Shwartz
  • Trump Tower
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • M&M Store in Times Square
  • Disney Store
  • Toys R Us
  • Times Square

Apple Store
We got off from the subway near Times Square and went inside the popular Apple store. Al though I am not a fan of Apple for a multitude of reasons that are outside the scope of this blog, I did admire the fact the store is so innovatively designed. There is a small artificial pond just outside the Apple store where a surfeit of chairs is strewn around for visitor use. We relaxed for a bit, admiring the busy streets of New York and the Pulitzer Fountain on the other side of the street.

Apple Store

FAO Shwartz
For those who think FAO Shwartz is only for kids, I beg to differ. This awesome store has all kinds of soft toys that one could possibly think of. Chocolate brands are made into soft toys of some nature. One can see human sized lego toys of Statue of Liberty, Batman, etc. There is also a giant piano in the second floor, where kids take turns and jump on them. A small café is located towards the end of the store.

FAO Shwartz

As we walked towards Times Square, we stopped at several places such as the Trump Tower and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral
On our way to Times Square, we visited the marvelous St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Roman Catholic cathedral church. The beautiful architecture, paintings on the windows, nave of the church were very impressive. Photography is permitted inside most part of the church, except inside the chapel at one end of the church. As I recalled those days when I went to the church every week with my grandmother, I lighted a couple of candles, uttered a small prayer and left the church.
Nave of St. Patrick's Cathedral

M&M Store, Times Square
After walking across 10 blocks, we reached the M&M store in Times Square. Despite the fact that I don’t relish M&M chocolates, we enjoyed the contemporary souvenirs, the flamboyant décor and the happy vibe inside the store.

M&M Store

Hersheys Store, Times Square
Even though the Hersheys store is not as vibrant and big as the M&M store, we did enjoy the few minutes that we spent inside.
Hersheys Store

Disney Store, Times Square
I believe the Disney Store was opened recently because I don’t recall seeing it when I visited New York four years ago. I somehow had high expectations of the Disney store, but it disappointed me. In my opinion, the store was not impressive.
Disney Store

Toys R Us, Times Square
It is surprising that Toys R Us, which is located in the prime New York location would close so early. We hardly stepped inside when we were told that the store was closing in 5minutes. Such a downer!

Toys R Us

Times Square
Needless to say, Times Square is crammed and is one of the most electrifying places that I have ever seen. No wonder New York is known to be the city that never sleeps. With all the flashy billboard lights around, it is so easy to lose track of the time.
Times Square

After a very long and exhausting day we returned to our hotel to get a good night’s sleep.

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