Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pismo Sand Dunes and Pismo Beach

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Sand Dunes

  • Sand dunes
  • Birds
  • Lakes
  • ATV Rentals
  • Campgrounds 

More Info
  • $5/car entrance fee to the dunes
  • Free parking just outside the entrance to the Preserve
  • Free walk-in without a car

The free parking lot just outside to the Preserve entrance was full; hence we parked the car on Pier Ave and walked to the sand dunes. One can pay $5/car and drive on the beach all the way to the place where you can rent ATVs to drive on the massive sand dunes. However, as our car would not quite co-operate the sandy beach and being risk averse about the wheels getting stuck in the sand, we just decided to walk all the way to the sand dunes. As we were walking on the beach, we noticed several small lakes to our left that were flocked with birds. Ropes were tied around the lakes to protect the birds from human interference.

Pismo Sand Dunes

After a long walk on the beach, we finally reached the sand dunes area. They were so extensive and looked so bone dry that it is easy to visualize being in a desert. We spent some time here taking pictures and decided to return. There is also a camping ground nearby.

Pismo Sand

On our way back, we noticed a big family enjoying a ducky BBQ on the beach. It just got me reminded of family back in India, but quickly shunned away those thoughts and went to the Pismo Beach.

Pismo Beach

  • Beach
  • Pismo Beach Pier
  • Water sports

More Info
  • Restrooms available
  • Free parking on the streets
  • There is parking fee to park in the lot right next to the beach
  • Wear flats to walk on the Pismo Pier

We parked the car on Pomeroy Ave, a few blocks away from the beach and walked through the frenzied town to the Pismo Beach. This hustling city was a far cry from the laid back Morro Bay. There were so many restaurants here and I could only wish that we were hungry for dinner.

Pismo Beach Pier

We ambled on the Pismo Pier, while watching people surfing and boogie boarding. As it was time for sunset, we watched the sun set behind the mountains before leaving the beach. Although we wanted to spend more time here, the long day totally drained us out and we could not wait to return to the hotel and crash.  

Sunset at Pismo Beach

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