Saturday, May 26, 2012

Morro Bay State Park

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  • Hiking
  • Breathtaking view of Morro Bay, Morro Rock, Stacks of Morro Bay power plant
  • Camping

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  • Free admission
  • Free parking
  • Free trail map at Museum of National History

We received a trail map from a lady at the Museum of National History and decided to take the 3 mile Black Hill Trail to the summit of the Black Hill, one of the nine volcanic plugs in the San Luis Obispo County. The trail maps are so confusing that it took us 20minutes to figure out the trail head. Google maps via cell phone came to our rescue. We parked our car just outside the campground, walked past the campground and finally found the Black Hill trail head.

We were impressed by the well-marked and the well-maintained campgrounds that had restrooms nearby and the basic necessities.

Anyway, the Black Hill Trail was very narrow and we had to wade through the bushes to walk on the trail. Within a minute or two of hiking, for a very embarrassing reason I decided to not take the trail, but instead drive to the Black Hill summit. I saw lizards, not just one, but plenty and they freak the life out of me. There was no way I was going to enjoy the hike with the thought of lizards all over the trail.

Steep hike to Black Hill summit
So we took the Black Hill Road, drove past the golf course and finally reached the parking lot on top of the Black Hill. The parking space is limited up there and there is a huge water tank close to the parking lot. We then hiked on a steep 0.5 mile trail from the parking lot to go to the peak. We finished the short hike with a breathtaking view from the summit. It was a 360 degree aerial view of the entire Morro Bay, Morro Rock and the Pacific on one side and rolling green mountains on the other side.  

Panoramic view from Black Hill summit 

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