Saturday, September 15, 2012

San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival

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  • Annual Dragon Boat Racing in Clipper Cove of Treasure Island
  • Lots of fun activities for families and kids 

More Info
  • Free parking in Treasure Island
  • Free shuttles from a few places in San Francisco. Click here for more information
  • Free admission
  • Click here to see the schedule of events  

On a bright Saturday morning in September, we started on our way to San Francisco to watch the annual international dragon boat festival in the Treasure Island. This was also the day we learned our lesson to not drive to the city during such occasions. It took us 3 hours to drive to the Treasure Island and by the time we reached the place and found parking, we were worn out.

Luckily, the bright day with the beautiful view of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco downtown brought us back to life. This was our first time visiting the Treasure Island and we were captivated by the view of the downtown that one could capture from this artificial man-made island. It is certainly an apt place to come during twilight to see the beautiful city lights.

View of San Francisco downtown and Bay Bridge from Treasure Island

We found parking a few blocks away from the Clipper Cove, where the festival was held. The place was thronged with folks, primarily college kids waiting for their turn to participate in the boat race. There are plenty of rocks by the shore, where one can sit and watch as the teams race. It was reminiscent of my school and college days when you are cheering the participants.

Boat Race in Clipper Cove

We then walked around to see all the festival booths and food vendors lined up. There are other fun activities planned for the two-day festival and you can check out the schedule here.

We spent a few hours here and returned home. We felt it was more of a onetime thing, the festival would not draw us to attend it the following year. 

  • Take the public transportation to the festival

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