Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pomo Bluffs Park

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  • View of Pacific Ocean
  • View of Noyo River, Noyo Bay and Noyo Harbor
  • Chicken Point
  • Abalone Diving
  • Excellent vantage point to watch the migrating whales
  • Deer in the farm nearby 

More Info
  • Ample free parking at several places along the park
  • Free admission
  • No restrooms
  • Several benches on the park

We entered the Pomo Bluff Point, parked our car in one of the spots nearby and walked along the coastal bluff to see the magnificent Pacific Ocean. It was one of those unusual days when the Pacific looked as smooth as glass. While taking pictures, an arbitrary person whom we later learned to be a localite offered to take a picture of us. We somehow struck a conversation with this amicable person who enlightened us about abalones.

Here are a few facts about abalones that we learned:
  • One needs to get a license in order to go diving for abalones
  • When you get abalones, it is illegal to sell them; however you can offer them as a gift to other people
  • One is legally permitted to get only 3 abalones at a single point of time; anything more is illegal
  • A person can get only a maximum of 24 abalones in a year
  • Abalone meat is incredibly delicious
  • Abalone meat is sold for anywhere between $500 and $800
  • The minimum length of abalones that one can pick from the ocean is 8 inches; anything smaller is illegal
  • It is illegal to use an oxygen mask and go abalone diving

View of Noyo Bay

We then went to the Chicken Point in the park that overlooks the Noyo Bay. For several years, this was the place where seafarers looked at the temperament of the ocean waters and decided whether it was safe to go to the ocean or ‘chicken out’ and stay on the land. The park also offers amazing view of the Noyo Bay and the bridge above Noyo Bay.
View from Chicken Point (Just a few minutes before sunset)

We noticed a herd of deer in the farms near the Pomo Bluffs Park. As recommended by our hotel owner, we returned to the park in the evening to watch the gorgeous sunset. That was probably the first time I saw the sun’s reddish orange hue reflecting on the calm ocean waters and like us there were several other folks who had come here to watch sun set behind the Pacific Ocean.

Sunset from Chicken Point

  • Excellent viewpoint to see the sunset

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