Sunday, September 2, 2012

Glass Beach

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  • Beach with rounded sea glasses
  • Beachcombing 

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I am not an early bird, but had to wake before the first light to watch the sunrise from the Glass Beach. We found a parking lot near a bridge that is a little past Old Haud Rd and Stewart St. The trail immediately next to the parking lot took us on the coastal bluff and beach nearby looked very different from what we saw in the pictures. This beach was sandy, as opposed to the pictures of Glass Beach that had lot of stones that looked like glasses.

Just before sunrise from the coastal bluff

We knew that we had reached the wrong place and decided to return to the car when suddenly we saw a tinge of a bright light behind the mountains. It was so beautiful that we decided to stay on the coastal bluff for a few minutes to watch the big ball of fire rising.

Sunrise from the coastal bluff

Luckily we saw somebody at the parking lot who directed us to the Glass Beach, which is at the junction of Old Haul Dr and W Elm St. A short trail to the Glass Beach soon split into two; the one to the right takes you to the Glass Beach State Park.

Glass Beach

As we were here at the crack of dawn, nobody else was in the beach. It was very quiet, serene, undisturbed and peaceful. Stepping closer to the beach, we noticed those shiny rounded sea glasses of all colors - red, blue, white, orange.

Rounded sea glasses

Apparently, from 1949 to 1967 this place was a public dump where people trashed all kinds of things including glass bottles and even cars. Years of pounding action by the waves on this trash caused the creation of these rounded sea glasses on the beach. Very interesting.

It is okay to pick up the sea glasses and enjoy its beauty, but you will be frowned upon you if you take them home. So, don’t!

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