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Fresno Blossom Trail

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Fresno Blossom Trail

  • White and Pink blossoms; Yellow mustard blossoms
  • Kings River

More Info
  • Best time is between end of February and mid of March
  • Free drive-through the blossom trail
  • Take a print-out of the blossom trail map
  • Stay updated on the latest information here

Being aware of a 3 hours drive from San Jose to Fresno, we planned in such a way that we would reach Fresno at around 2.00pm in order to avoid having the sun right above our heads. The drive was very pretty scenic, exposing us to beautiful mountain vistas on either sides of the freeway stretching for miles.

San Luis Reservoir

Half-way through the drive, we came upon the gorgeous, shimmering blue waters of the San Luis Reservoir. If you miss the first scenic viewpoint, do not panic as I did. The freeway extends along a part of the reservoir and there are several viewpoints, where one can pull over and sometimes even walk close to the waters. The day being clear and sunny, the water was literally sparkling and there were flocks and flocks of birds near the shore. I even noticed several windmills on the other side of the mountains.

After passing the San Luis Reservoir the landscape changed, giving way to flat meadows and agricultural lands, stretching as far as the eye could see.

After a long drive, we reached the Fresno Blossom Trail. Although there were sign-posts at every junction of the blossom trail that helped to keep us in track; carrying a hard copy of the trail map just made it easier.

White Blossoms

There are no designated parking spaces at the trail, so one would need to pull over to the side of the road to see the astounding beauty of the white and pink blossom trees, walk amidst the blossoms and take pictures. The vast spans of blossoms of the same color make it look all the more stunning. I thought this would be one of the apt places to take wedding photo shoots.

Yellow Mustard Blossoms

Along the trail were the yellow mustard blossoms as well. It was breathtaking to see the boundless varieties of the colorful blossoms with the snow clad Sierra Mountains, visible in the distance in the background.

Orange Grove

Orange Blossom Trail, as stated in the trail map took us through the orange grove, where we saw vast stretches of orange trees and the trees were clothed in ripe oranges. The Orange Blossom Trail was a pretty long drive and the trees here were not too different from the bunch of orange trees that we saw in the main blossom trail.

The Kings River runs across the trail and it is probably a nice place to stop by. After spending a little over 3 hours driving through the blossom trail, we were totally exhausted and could not wait to return home and call it a day!

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