Friday, December 30, 2011

Oahu, Hawaii - Day 8

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After a wearisome long day in the Big Island, we woke up pretty late in the morning and drove to the north shore. We stopped again at the Turtle Beach and by a roach coach (Giovanni's white shrimp), where we treated ourselves with a snack-Baja corn.

Giovanni's Roach Coach

Goat Island or Mokuauia Island

What: Scenic, Water sports
More Info: Parking lot in Malaikahana Recreation Area; No parking fee

Goat Island or Mokuauia Island

As we drove along the north east shore, we stopped at the Goat Island, also called the Mokuauia Island. Contrary to its name, there are no goats on this island, but it is a seabird sanctuary. The goat island can be clearly seen from the Malaikahana Recreation Area and is a few yards away from the shore. I believe the tides were low when we visited this place and we noticed a person coolly walk from the shore to the Goat Island. However, high tides do occur and may pose a threat to novice swimmers. The La'ie Point can be evidently seen to the right side of the shore.

La'ie Point

What: Scenic lookout, Legend
More Info: There is a parking space (no parking fee) next to the Laie Point; No restrooms

La'ie Point

The La'ie Point offers breathtaking views of the ocean, Windward coastline and the Ko'olau mountains. The Goat Island can be seen from here. This place has a legend, where Kana (a legendary warrior) killed the Mo’o (giant lizard), smashed its head into five pieces, which are now seen as five islands from the La’ie Point. We spent close to an hour here, taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of this place. It is not a place that is safe for diving or swimming.

Cliff at La'ie Point

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