Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oahu, Hawaii - Day 2

On our second day in Oahu, we planned to visit:
  • Nuuanu Pali Lookout
  • Kailua Beach
  • Lanikai Beach
We watched the gorgeous sunset from the Waikiki beach and ended the day with a sumptuous dinner as Assaggio, an Italian restaurant.

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Nuuanu Pali Lookout, Oahu

What: Scenic spot with panoramic views and historical landmark
More Info: $3 parking fee/car (Credits cards accepted)

Nuuanu Pali Lookout

The Pali Lookout is known for its strong and howling winds, so make sure you bring your jacket when you visit this place. We spent about 30minutes in the Pali Lookout. Don’t take your caps or things that might fly away, because they will. Hold on to something or someone while you walk, else the winds will grab you over the cliff (OK, just kidding).

“Pali” means ‘cliff’ in Hawaiian. The Nuuanu Pali Lookout is perched over a thousand feet above the Oahu coastline and offers panoramic views of the lush Windward Coast. It overlooks several landmarks such as Kailua, Coconut island, Chinaman’s Hat (a pointy island), Honolulu Botanical Gardens, etc.

The Pali Lookout also has a deep historical significance. It is the site of the fierce battle of Nuuanu, where King Kamehameha I united Oahu under his rule.

Kailua Beach

What: Popular for water sports
More Info: There are restrooms and a parking lot (no fee)

Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach

We did not do any water sports and spent about an hour in the beach, taking pictures and strolling on the rocks near the edge of the beach, where you might be able to get your eyes on tiny crabs on the rocks and schools of fish near the shore.

Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach stretches for half a mile and is popular for its white sand, turquoise water and gentle breeze that makes it ideal for water sports such as boogie boarding, kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling. There are rental kayak shops located conveniently near the beach.

Lanikai Beach

What: One of the best beaches in America and Popular for water sports
More Info: There is no parking lot; as it is nestled between residential housing. We parked the car on a street parallel to the beach and walked to the beach.

Sandmad in Lanikai Beach

I was not planning on getting wet, but the water was so gorgeous that I could not help but jump into the waters. We spent a couple of hours at the beach, treating our eyes with its beauty, taking pictures and playing in the beach.

Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach is east to Kailau beach; Lanikai and Kailua are sister beaches. Similar to Kailua, Lanikai beach is breathtaking with its turquoise water and perfect for water sports. To the east of Lanikai beach are the Mokulua Islands, commonly known as “Mok” or “Twin Islands”. The Mokulua Islands are a part of the Hawaii Seabird Sanctuary and one needs special permission to get to the islands.

Sunset from Waikiki Beach

Sunset from Waikiki Beach

Sunset in Oahu should not be missed and the Waikiki Beach offers a breathtaking view of the sunset. You may check out the Oahu sunrise and sunset schedule.


Assaggio Ristorante Italiano

We made dinner reservations at Assaggio Italian restaurant. As this restaurant is in one of the malls, you can park the car in the mall parking lot. Their complimentary bread and butter are to die for. We shared a large plate of Shrimp Assagio, which was absolutely palatable. Their chocolate chip cannoli dessert was fair to middling.

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