Monday, December 26, 2011

Oahu, Hawaii - Day 4

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Sunrise near Diamond Peak Lighthouse



Sunrise in Oahu is simply gorgeous and an undisturbed view can be seen from one of the lookout points near the Diamond Peak lighthouse.

Leonard's Bakery
Leonard's Malasadas
Malasadas at Leonard's Bakery was recommended as a "must-have"; and we bought 4 malasadas (in 4 different flavors) from this bakery. We then understood why this should not be missed in Oahu! The hot malasadas literally melts in the mouth; absolutely yummy. The only thing that stopped us visiting this bakery again was the high fat and sugar content in the malasadas.

Polynesian Cultural Center

What: Polynesian cultural shows, Dinner, HA (Breath of Life) Show
More Info: $8 parking fee (cash only) for the car; No food allowed inside the center; There are a couple of snacks bars inside the center.

Polynesian Cultural Center

We made reservations to the Polynesian Cultural Center Day Pass + Ali’i Lu’au (Royal Feast) Dinner + HA(Breath of Life) show about a couple of weeks before travelling to Hawaii.

The Polynesian Cultural Center occupies 42 acres of land and simulates seven polynesian villages – Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, Marquesas Islands and Aotearoa (present-day New Zealand).


Canoe Parade - Tahiti

Canoe Parade - Hawaii

The center opens at 12 noon and each village organizes shows every one hour until 5pm, with each show lasting for about 20-25min. The 30minutes canoe parade that showcases the signature dances of each Polynesian culture/village was pretty entertaining. This map will help in planning the day at the center.

Ali’I Lu’au Dinner

Ali'i Luau

The Ali’I Lu’au Dinner is from 5pm to 7pm and it is a traditional Polynesian dinner, which includes pork cooked in an imu (an underground oven). The dinner is accompanied by live music and hula dance. The buffet included taro rolls, kalua pork, teriyaki chicken, fish, rice, salads and desserts. The food was horrendous, I would not recommend the Ali’I Lu’au dinner at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

HA (Breath of Life) Show

HA Crew

The HA (Breath of Life) Show is from 7.30pm to 9.00pm with a short 5-10min break in between. Although the performers did an excellent job, the show by itself was so-so. The fire dance in the last 20min was very impressive.

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